Money Saving Apps


Check out these apps that can help you save money: 


LogMeIn Pro: The yearly cost for this app is $99. You can remotely access and control your PC or Mac like as if you were seated at your desk. Edit files stream videos stored on your desktop or run applications. 

TapeACall Pro: The app costs $9.99 and can used to record important calls that are either outgoing or incoming but note that laws that govern phone calls recording vary per state therefore seek for permission before you record any calls.

Hootsuite: This is a free app that will help you manage up to three accounts of your social media in one place. You can auto schedule your message and post them later on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts and monitor the number of people that click on your links. 

Dropbox: Is a free app that enables you to store your important videos, documents and photos in the Cloud which will then enable you to access them from anywhere that you want. It enables you to get rid of email attachments that are bulky for good by sharing to your files the private links.

DashlaneThis is a free app that enables you to store all of your credit card information, passwords and numbers for corporate loyalty programin one location that’s secure. This digital wallet auto fills online forms, encrypts all of your data, and whenever your account is breached, it alerts you.

Evernote: This free app is an organizational Zen master. Evernote scans receipts and business cards, holds your audio and written notes and digitizes post its and whiteboard presentations. It also enables you to search inside the images for text.

Fantastical 2: The app costs $9.99 and its main function is to schedule and reminds you of your events. All you need to do is to dictate to the app your to-dos. 


Hotel Tonight: Hotel Tonight is a free app that enables you to book a hotel room at the last minute but at a bargain rate almost anywhere in the world. It also enables you to talk live to customers and read travellers’ reviews 24/7. 

iTranslate: This is a free app in your smartphone’s microphone that converts your speech into text form and is able to play it back in over 80 languages for quick communication. 

Getting Around

Gas Buddy: This is a free app that enables you locate in your area the cheapest gasoline station based on reports from the local drivers. 

UberIs a free app that enables you to order and be picked by a private chauffeur. This app is applicable in over 30 nations globally. The app locates you through GPS, accepts your payment through credit card and/or PayPal and when you arrive at your destination it emails you your receipt.

Personal Finance

Credit Karma: This free app enables you to keep track in real time your credit score for free. It provides you with a “credit report card” based on the percentage of your average age of open credit lines and on-time payments and alerts you about any changes in credit account balances. 

XE CurrencyThis is a free app that enables you to get currency conversions in real time and also enables you to watch over time how currencies perform. This thorough app will help you to convert all world currencies and precious metals to the values of the U.S. dollar or to any other currency. 

Mint Personal FinanceThe free app links Mint to your bank and credit accounts to help you track spending behaviour and your overall cash flow. It alerts you whenever you exceed your set budgets or goals.