Moving Guide



A move requires you to make a lot of big decisions that are pivotal to the amount of money and time you spend, the security of your goods, and how quickly you are able to settle in to your host country. Basically, it can be a breeze or a complete logistical nightmare.

It always helps to have a good start. Evaluate wisely and make the call on key matters – whether you should hire a mover and the mode of transport for your goods. Listing the pros and cons, we will help you solve these dilemmas later in this guide.

In order not to get shortchanged, you have to know what are the industry standards and the choices that are currently offered in the market. Do not get intimidated by all the terminologies and documentations. You can suffer great losses if you use the wrong type of container for sensitive goods or accept a quotation that is full of hidden costs.

That is why selecting a reliable mover is so crucial. Not only do they have all the knowledge and techniques required to protect your items, but they are also able to arrange your shipment in the best way possible. This applies for items of all shapes and sizes – cars, pets, valuables, bathtubs... You name it, they got it. Did you know they can even help you unpack and assemble items in your new house, if you wish? That is one big load off your shoulders. Explore what a Relocation Management Company can really offer and how they are organised. 

Moving is a big project. Most likely even after you have hired a mover, you will still have your hands full. There are the termination of paid services in your home country, co-ordination with the different vendors and most of all, the packing itself. A comprehensive checklist, along with some tips and tools, can get you in order.

After the move, you are not quite done. Do you need to make an insurance claim from your mover or, some help to settle into the new country? Don’t worry, breathe, we got that all covered as well.


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