Last updated 22 February 2017

Ms. Yenny Young – Managing Director of PT. Kotaisan Prima Transindo



ExpatFinder had the chance to speak with Ms. Yenny Young, the CEO and Managing Director of PT. Kotaisan Prima Transindo, an international removal company in Indonesia. Over the past two decades of establishment, Kotaisan has set its focus on customer service, transparency and competitive pricing. They also have their own insurance programme and corporate social responsibility efforts. Read more about them below.

Company: PT. Kotaisan Prima Transindo

Category: Moving services

Established since: 1994

Geographical coverage: Internationally from Indonesia



Q: When did you enter the industry, and when was your company created? How big has your team and clientele grown since?

A: I entered the industry in 1995. Our company was created in 1994. We have 115 colleagues working together in our organisation and served already until today for 14,132 booked orders.

Q: What makes your company different from other international moving companies?

A: Our difference is that we serve clients with a personal touch, as part of our family culture. Every detail is being taken care of and transparently communicated. This pattern is implemented because our service is serving the families who are moving across countries. It is often a stressful process - our organisation takes it as an opportunity to provide better customer service. Our export-import expert team is forever ready to assist clients who face difficulties regarding customs clearance documents and complicated customs laws. We have our own in-house customs broker license. We do not subcontract, so it is in our control.

We also give our clients the chance to do social work in our lovely country, Indonesia during their stay. Clients can donate their used apparels, home or office furniture, electronic devices, toys and textbooks. Our team will collect the goods free of charge and collaborate with Tabungan Surga Foundation to support the development of orphanages, homes for the blind, facilitate education for underprivileged children and even provide working capital for single working mothers. 

Q: How involved are you in the moving process of your customers?

A: I am one of the CEO in our organisation and every moving process of our customers is under my control.

Q: What are some challenging jobs that you undertake and how do you handle them?

A: One example is factory relocations. In 2015, from August until October, we managed to fulfil our services on packing for almost 5,600 CBM within three months. Our PO is from the famous Korea Company and during this job we gained more valuable experience in the method of packing and meeting high international standards. Our team did a great job and goods arrived at destination country in good order without any damage claims.

Q: What are the key factors you take into account when you send a quote to your customers?

A: Service quality and competitive prices.

Q: What are the occasions when you need to survey the items that will be moved?

A: A survey is the first step and a main way to find out the needs and details of every move. Although now we are in a technology-driven world, personal visits are still needed and is the key to communicating and learning more details about customer's needs with regards to things such as:

  • Customs information during leaving our country
  • Customs information at the destination country
  • Date of delivery at customers’ new destination country
  • Accessibility of customers’ oversized furniture

All special instructions will be clearly communicated to our operation crews after the survey.

Q: What are your company's policy when it comes to insurance, damage, and loss claims?

A: If our customers request for coverage, we will offer the All Risk Transit Protection Program. It is our company policy to assist customers with any damage or loss insurance claims, even if it is not covered by our All Risk Transit Protection Program. We compile all the shipping documents (i.e., Bill of Lading, Inventory List, Damage and Missing Report, Delivery Notice), which are needed to from the moving company.

Q: What is advice would you give to clients looking to move internationally?

A: For our team, the happiest and most satisfying moment is knowing that customers’ goods arrived on time as expected without any damage or loss. We really understand that it is not about the money. When our customers ask for our packing expertise and trust us with their items, it is about protecting those historical items that cannot be measured and replaced. Our wish is that customers will always be thinking Kotaisan for their international moves and referring us to their friends.