Other Types of Accounts


Offshore Account

With a global lifestyle becoming more and more common, having all or some of your money in a fixed location offshore will help ease the changes when you get relocated for a new assignment every year or two years. International companies such as BNP Paribas for example, allows you to manage your finances in several currencies of your choice, handle your investments no matter where you are abroad, and also gives you access to your account anytime anywhere.

The advantage of banking offshore is also to maintain a relationship and transactions that are easier for your Annual Tax return to be filled, which can help keeping your tax consultancy fees lower.

Offshore does not necessarily mean in an exotic location, or with extra tax or secrecy benefits, what is important is to have a centralised multi-currency banking solution that can follow you as your professional life takes you to multiple locations.

Online Broker Account

An online broker account is a current account that also allows you to invest and have access to stocks, bonds, equities, investment and mutual funds. If you are interested in investment, but not quite sure how it works, an online broker account might be a good first step on your way to having investments through your own bank account.

Before you jump right into it, be aware that investment schemes and accounts are a little bit more complicated than regular accounts, so it's always best to seek financial advice through your bank or wealth management professionals to make sure that you know what you're getting into.