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In the past, expats used to let go of inconvenient items when they need to move. Over the years, as mobility increases, moving companies have improved with more advanced equipment to meet higher demands and special needs. Specialised moving services for irregular goods are now widely available. Simply check with relocation providers for these services, and look for a third-party elsewhere if they are unavailable.

Car Shipping

How is the shipping of vehicles usually done? Vehicle shipping specialists will have to make the following pre-preparation before the move:

  • Drain the fuel, leaving just enough for a drive to the petrol station when unpacked
  • Install protective covers, especially for fragile parts such as mirrors and wipers
  • Manage electrical cables to prevent sparks during the transit
  • Secure the vehicle to prevent movement

While many shippers try to maximise their dollar by storing items in the transported vehicle, it is not recommended as those items will not be insured in the event of loss or damage.

Pet relocation

You have to be meticulous about moving your pet. Some countries, for disease control reasons, are particular about how the pet is quarantined during the flight. As a result, there are a lot of arrangement and paperwork involved. Besides that, your pet also has to be fit for the journey. A pet relocation specialist will take care of its medical and vaccination needs, diet and accommodation on-board, along with all the aforementioned administrative work. Interested? Start by getting quotes to compare.

Safety vault

Shipping your vault is a lot more complicated than you think. This is one of the items that you need to inform your moving company about when you tell them about what you need to move not just because of its weight, but also because it might cause delays in customs checks. Discuss the shipping of your vault with your moving company and research about the customs laws in the country you are moving to.

Other bulky items that require attention

Your bathtub and piano are likely not going to fit through your door. Chances are you will need to do it through craning by a specialist. They will know the right way to do it so that the bulky items will not be damaged. Other specialist services include installation of water beds, setting up of grandfather clocks and tuning of musical instruments.


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