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Before embarking on the big moving project, you will first have to get the packing settled. Many times, we hear these common tips - label everything, get lots of sturdy boxes, make a list, tell your mover the requirements. If you are moving for the first time, you will find yourself at a loss of where to begin. In this section, we answer all your frustrations and doubts.


You may have a couple of empty boxes lying around but definitely not the tens of them that you need for packing. Unless you want to camp outside grocery marts, you may want to check out Freecycle for boxes that others are giving away for free. At a low cost, you can buy some from Craigslist as well. For people who prefer reusable plastic containers, BungoBox offers friendly rentals.


It is going to be difficult for you or your mover to spot and decipher if you are just scribbling on the boxes with a marker. Good news is, it is not necessary for you to go through the time-consuming process of designing labels from scratch. You can find the basic warning labels as well as empty ones with fillable blanks here. For more flexibility, you can edit from a wide range of templates on this online platform. There will be watermarks if you are using their trial version but that is hardly something you should be concerned with.

Driver & Vehicle

If you do not have much and are moving to just a nearby city, you may be considering a truck rental. There is now a more cost-effective way to do it - crowdsourcing. Simply snap a picture of your goods on Buddytruk, and it will match you with the right driver and vehicle. The mobile app will even calculate the cost for you instantly.


It is always wise to install tracking devices on your containers for security reasons. Low-cost radio frequency identification (RFID) tagging is one good way to do so. There are also some companies that provide more comprehensive solutions. Check out Reltronics Technologies here.

Make technology your best friend and always seek resources or help from other expats online. It can help you overcome a lot of obstacles and save time.


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