Last updated 22 November 2016

Paola Diana – Founder and Managing Director of Sigillus



Sigillus is an exclusive Lifestyle Management company, dedicated to providing extraordinary and curated luxury experiences for its members and their families. They provide specialist expertise in various lifestyle fields such as fine art, concierge, travel, real estate, household staff recruitment and more. Read on to find out more from Founder and Managing Director, Paola Diana about their services and the events they have done.

Company: Sigillus

Category: Lifestyle management

Established since: 2015

Geographical coverage: Worldwide



Q: What inspired the establishment of Sigillus?

A: Sigillus is part of the Diana Group, whose founder and managing director is Paola Diana. Paola is a serial entrepreneur, who 10 years ago, started Nanny & Butler, a leading global bespoke search consultancy specialising in the provision of qualified household and childcare staff.

Nanny & Butler was launched in Italy, the business expanded rapidly receiving international requests based on its renowned reputation and professionalism, and today is currently providing its services worldwide. Nanny & Butler was featured in a documentary about domestic recruitment for ultra-high net worth individuals and families on Channel 4 (in the UK), where they were covered as the best bespoke domestic staff and childcare recruitment consultancy worldwide offering top quality placements.

Throughout her success with Nanny & Butler, Paola’s innate understanding of her clients’ needs, challenges and aspirations allowed her to create a truly bespoke luxury lifestyle management services, which highlighted the opportunity to assist her clients in other areas above and beyond those of a domestic and childcare consultancy.

Paola founded Sigillus in 2015, an exclusive luxury lifestyle management company based in London and operating at the heart of international audiences. Sigillus provides dedicated expertise, an enviable network of consultants in the high net worth market across the luxury lifestyle fields such as fine art, real estate, aviation, yacht, luxury travel, crisis response, corporate services and household staff recruitment.

Q: How big is the team and what do they do for the clients?

A: We have a relatively small team of Lifestyle Managers, who provide tailored services to members ranging from chartering a yacht or private jet, organising bespoke travel experiences, providing fine art, antique and real estate advisory to facilitating household staff recruitment, crisis responses, corporate concierge services and corporate team building. It is all about going above and beyond our clients’ expectations and managing their needs and wants in life with the very best dedicated consultants in each field.

Q: What is your clientele like?

A: Our clients are located across the globe. Our one-of-a-kind services attract royals, captains of  industry, high-net-worth and high-profile individuals as well as both corporate and private clients and their families.

Q: Which of the services are particularly popular among expats?

A: Our members value our bespoke lifestyle management service where they can access a range of consultants who can provide solutions for whatever service they require. Apart from our concierge services, extraordinary and bespoke travel experiences, fine art advisory, real estate advisory, household staff recruitment are the most popular among expats.

Q: Describe to us some of the most prominent events that Sigillus has helped to manage.

A: Wine tasting is quintessential in the corporate world. As part of a corporate team-building event, Sigillus organised the ultimate vineyard trip with a group of 20 elite entrepreneurs in the region of Bordeaux and Champagne in France. Thanks to our exclusive partnership in wine and spirit, Sigillus designed a seminar on wine and Champagne which was delivered by experts according to their interests ranging from harvesting grapes in the vineyards and fermentation in the winery to blind tasting and wine pairing experiences with gastronomic food. 

The Monaco Grand Prix is one of the most prestigious and glamorous events in the South of France. The significance of the Monaco Grand Prix is its extremely challenging and narrow circuit for both teams and drivers, racing through the glamorous streets of the Principality has fueled dreams in Motorsport since 1929. Sigillus has taken the opportunity to gather its members and network on a yacht for a party during the Grand Prix. The event was sponsored by a luxury jewellery brand. Guests arrived from early afternoon, where they enjoyed champagne whilst watching the race and then stayed on to party like a local – the Monegasque way.

A world-class luxury car brand requested our services to set up an exhibition show in Monte Carlo. The event featured an outstanding reception/cocktail party, a magnificent stage by the beach in Monaco which exhibited supercars and guests could try them. The event was attended by celebrities and also culminated in a very special concert by a Hollywood singer. The event was sponsored by a luxury champagne brand; they held tastings of new products exclusively with guests. The Royal Family and several high-profile captains of industry attended the event and commented about how Sigillus had managed to create such a special event in such an extraordinary location. 

Sigillus organised the most romantic wedding in Capri and a honeymoon in the Maldives for one of our members by arranging everything from the smallest detail to the big event, including a cocktail reception in the ‘piazzetta’ a wedding ceremony on top of a cliff with a spectacular view of the sunset, and an evening party on a yacht. Of course, we organised their honeymoon too, which started with a cruise from Capri to Portofino, followed by a 10-day experience in the Maldives on a boutique and romantic island with no more than eight villas. The couple were surrounded by crystal blue water and white sandy beaches. They had the opportunity to explore a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve renowned as a feeding ground for manta rays and whale sharks. Sigillus organised a fully-equipped fitness studio with personal trainer and yoga instructor; resident marine biologist and club facility; library with internet stations; and island boutiques. It was the most amazing day and one they will never forget as they start their new chapter together.  

Q: How can corporates get their money’s worth?

A: We offer a range of packages designed to meet our clients’ needs. They range from Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Corporate, Travel and Events memberships. Each package is designed to offer a specialist range of services and benefits for members with access to our lifestyle managers, opportunities to attend events, and access to personalised services. Our corporate memberships are bespoke packages that are created according to each corporation’s unique requirements and business situations. To find out more about our membership opportunities, please visit

Q: What should expats choose Sigillus?

A: Our aim is to support our members to achieve their goals and fulfill their dreams. We do this by ensuring our values and ethos are part of everything we do:

  • Commitment - dedicated to the success of our clients and corporate partnerships as well as focusing on providing the best experiences in luxury lifestyle management. 
  • Innovation - constantly evolving and expanding our bespoke network of consultants worldwide including the Middle East, Europe, the United States, the United Kingdom and Asia. Offering creative and innovative ideas and solutions to our clients to meet their individual needs. 
  • Integrity - establishing a personal and professional relationship with clients based on honesty, trust, kindness and integrity at all times to ensure a harmonious client relationship. 
  • Knowledge - our experts are amongst the most well connected in their respective industries, granting inner-circle access to the most exclusive and unreadable elite people and experiences. 
  • Responsive – our proactive approach means that we are focused on future improvements and acting promptly to the needs and changes in preferences of our clients and members. We are sensitive to trends, the corporate environment and the market Sigillus operates in.


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