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Purchasing Pet Insurance Plans

Purchasing Pet Insurance Plans - Expatfinder.comMany people treat their pets as part of their family. No matter where they relocate, they always take their furry loved ones with them. However, maintaining a pet can sometimes be a pain in the pocket considering the expenses on medical care and grooming.

According to a survey by the Associated Press, 41% of pet owners cannot afford to send their sick pets to medical facilities. This fact underscores the need for the pet insurance plans. A new research suggested that more and more pet owners are purchasing pet insurance because of its cost-efficiency.

Instead of paying for each visit to the veterinarian, pet owners may use insurance plans to cover basic medical procedures. Veterinarian Jean Maixner, co-owner of Animal Critical Care & Emergency Services in Seattle, said: “If you get the right policy, it can be an asset to the health care of that pet and have a significant impact on the bill that results from a visit in an emergency situation” She added, “If people had acquired pet insurance before the emergency occurred, they might have been able to move forward with some reasonable treatment to help their pet.”

For expats planning to provide their furry loved ones with a pet insurance plan, factors such as the pet’s breed, location, age and insurance’s coverage must be considered. Most of the pet insurance companies only provide covers within a period of time and with different arrangements such as considering pre-existing medical conditions.

Here are some of the world-renowned pet insurers that an expat may consider for their furry loved ones:

Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI) was founded in 1980 and is the oldest pet insurance company in the US. VPI offers flexible pet insurance plans which may be used in any licensed veterinary clinic in the country. The insurer reimburses all eligible expenses upon submission of necessary documents such as diagnosis reports or receipts issued by the clinic. To find out more about VPI insurance plans, click here.

Embrace Pet Insurance, established in 2003, offers veterinary pet insurance plans for cats and dogs. It is a member of the NAPHIA (North American Pet Health Association). Embrace Pet Insurance plans provide illness protection and coverage on nose-to-tail accidents.  It also gives pet owners health savings accounts for their pets in the form of Wellness Rewards. Click here for Embrace Pet Insurance’s menu of products.

Petplan Pet Insurance is the world’s largest pet insurer. Petplan covers both cat and dogs during unexpected illnesses, accidents and injuries. Pre-existing illnesses, however, are not covered.

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