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Reducing Roaming Rates of India's Videocon Telecom

Reducing Roaming Rates of India's Videocon Telecom -
Many telecommunication companies strive to offer the best data plans to their valued subscribers. Expats who live thousands of miles away are constantly looking for the most flexible and cost-efficient communications service in the market. Staying connected with friends and relatives back home is a priority for many foreigner residents.

India has become a top expat destination primarily because of its young and skilled population and growing economy. The country, currently a major technology hub, boasts of a fast-growing telecommunications industry that caters to its billion-strong population.

Videocon Telecom, formerly known as Videocon Mobile Services, is a Delhi-based cellular service provider that currently services 3.2 million consumers around the country. Most of its subscribers are located in Gujarat, Haryana and Madhya Pradesh.

Arvind Bali, CEO and Director Videocon Telecom said, “Videocon has always been an aggressive player in the telecom market. I am pleased to share that our efforts have started to show results, with our aggressive its go to market strategy, best in class Network, apt products and services and distribution focus, we continue to be amongst the top 3 players when it comes to Industry net additions, with continued leadership in Haryana and Punjab markets.”

Videocon recently reduced its call rates by 50% in an attempt to compete with other networks.

Through the Special Tariff Voucher or STV, Videocon subscribers may now purchase call plans for as low as Rs 45 (US$0.73) per month. According to technology website Broadband India Forum, “STVs were invented to drive demand and boost network utilization.” STVs serve as a tool for Indian telecom companies to provide customers cheaper international call rates.  To find out more about STVs, click here.

Videocon’s new rates are as follows:

Local Outgoing Calls         Subscriber Trunk Dialling (STD) Calls
50 Paise/minute                           75 Paise/minute

Videocon’s new rates were half-reduced from the original rates which are as follows:

Local Outgoing Calls        Subscriber Trunk Dialling (STD) Calls
    Rs 1/minute                             Rs 1.50/minute

Arvind Bali also strategically targets India’s young population and expanding expat community through affordable rates. Conventionally, benefit of tariff cutters/special tariff vouchers is only given in the home network, and no operator has extended this kind of benefit with 50% straight drop to their customers while roaming, and thus I am pleased to bring this one of its own kind of offering. This is like a true ‘Roam like Home’ scenario. We obviously will be bearing a cost for offering such proposition, but I feel this is an investment in the brand for long-term returns,” Mr. Bali said.

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