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For a one-stop solution, head over to a Relocation Management Company (RMC). The service provided by the companies are usually geared towards corporate clients, but more and more individuals on lump sum package or "localization" are tapping into the destination services individually. The RMC are often members of the reputed networks such as EuRA, Magellan or TIRA. They act as intermediaries between you and the various service providers. There are many advantages to engaging a RMC. With them, you do not have to liaise with all the different vendors; you have just one point of contact throughout the whole process. Beyond moving, they provide destination services which includes:

Immigration paperwork

Immigration affairs can be intimidating for the uninitiated. One wrong move may mean an unsuccessful application, compliance issues for your employer or long-term implications for your international travel.

If applicants fail to obtain a permit before the visa expires, they will be “overstaying their visa” and be considered illegal residents. Even one day of overstaying can have serious repercussions including being:

  • Blacklisted from the country for several years
  • Marked passport and in database, causing authorities to question at the borders
  • Fined a lump sum or on per day basis
  • Denied of visa applications in places other than your home country
  • Forced to leave the country immediately

Hiring a professional can ensure that will never happen. They are well-acquainted with the regulations in various countries and will be able to help you the paperwork involved in visa and permit applications. When the need arises, they can also help you extend your visa or fight your case legally if you have overstayed your visa.


This service aims to fulfill the basic needs – a house for the family, a school for the children and jobs for the expat and the spouse. Simply give them your budget and requirements, and they will try to find a fit for you.

Orientation & training

Orientation is another popular service offered to help expats to settle in quickly. Other than tours around the country’s key attractions, there is also area orientation where they show you the essentials in your neighbourhood such as the banks, clinics, and markets. Sometimes, they also provide a local crash course on topics ranging from conversational language to cultural awareness.

Outsourcing domestic help

A RMC can help you source for and engage all the domestic help you need. For example, you may need a plumber and electrician to set up your new house. Or, you may want a maid or butler, just like how you had back in your home country.

Expatriate consultation

Looking long-term, sometimes expats require counsel on matters such as purchasing of international health insurance and financial investment. In a foreign country, where the expat is unfamiliar with the system and avenues for such services, a consultation by the RMC can be a great help. The expat will also be able to clarify about the tax differential, opening of a bank account, conversion of driving license and other official processes.

Mail Forwarding

Hire a mail forwarding company if you worry about missing out important or urgent mails and parcels sent to your home country. With technology, most of these companies nowadays provide competitive and convenient features such as:

  • Document all postage received on an online platform and alert you
  • Archive originals at their facilities
  • Ship selected mails to you or a named address
  • Scan the contents for reading online
  • Shred and dispose of unwanted, sensitive mails


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