Last updated 3 January 2017

Richard de Rooij – Junior Consultant at Haagen & Partners



Haagan & Partners, with offices in Amsterdam, The Hague and Rotterdam, specialises in home searching. They assist with purchases as well as short and long-term leases. Mr Richard de Rooij, Junior Consultant at Haagen & Partners, shared the fundamentals and norms of real estate in the Netherlands with us.

Company: Haagen & Partners

Category: Real Estate

Established since: 1993

Geographical coverage: The Netherlands



Q: When did you enter the industry, and when was the company created? How big has the team and clientele grown since?

A: I entered the industry three years ago. The company, which have been around for more than two decades, has grown about 25% in employees and 30% in clientele. 

Q: What makes your company different from other real estate companies in the Netherlands?

A: Professional and kind customer service. 

Q: What are the ideal areas and lease length for rentals in the Netherlands?

A: South, West and the city centre. The ideal lease length is 12 months. 

Q: What are the most common types of housing for expats in the Netherlands?

A: Apartments of approximately 50 - 80m2 for singles/couples and 140 - 220m2 for families. 

Q: Do you see a trend in helping expats purchase real estate in the Netherlands for either residential or investment purposes? Why?

A: Yes, last year more and more expats decide to buy an apartment instead of renting one. This is so that they can stay longer. A mortgage is also lower than renting an apartment. However, we haven’t seen any expat that makes a purchase as an investment. 

Q: What are the key housing paperwork and procedures in the Netherlands for property rentals and purchase respectively?

A: The minimum paperwork we need for rentals are: photocopy of the passport, salary slip, work contract, and a testimonial of a previous landlord. The paperwork we need for purchase are: a signed instruction to provide services for consumers and a photocopy of the passport. You can learn more about the rules and regulations here.


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