Travelling as a Family


Make your travel with the family as a milestone trip to create new memories and strengthen bonds. Travelling with kids can be hard but not impossible. If done right, family trips are something to look forward to and enjoy.

Research Before You Book

Check out websites like and Although these websites can be considered as a third party, nothing tops these in helping you compare hotel prices and give you an idea what hotel fits your family’s needs and budget. Gather information about these websites and book at the homepage of the hotel of your interest.

You can also check out budget friendly AirBnB if you don’t want to book multiple hotel rooms for your large family. AirBnB is a website where you can lease a place cheaper than hotel rooms and have the opportunity to soak more of the everyday life in the places you visit.

Pack a Food Kit for Kids

Kids can grow hungry at any time. Rather than spend on overpriced snacks at the airport, prepare packed snacks like quick bites of fruits, biscuits or cheese. Think easy, healthy and mess free! Advice to save money is a tip worth noting.

Don't Fold, Roll

Travelling does not immediately equate just to pack lightly. Organization is the key. When you arrange your clothes roll them up. More clothes can be stored in luggage if you roll them rather than fold them. Rolling wins by a milestone when it is easier to pack, and less prone to wrinkles. This hack is proven and guaranteed to keep your luggage stress free.

Bring a Foldable Travel Bag

When not in use, a foldable travel bag is no larger than an envelope but its size is not just the reason for you to take it with you when you travel. Travelling with the family also means taking care of not just your dirty clothes but also your spouse’s and children’s. Take all your family’s dirty clothes and put them all in one foldable bag and rest assure there will be no stench on your clean top or your kids’ shirt. Travelling becomes hard when you have to mind all the dirty laundry in every luggage.

Tie a Ribbon on your Luggage

Spot your luggage easily at the airport’s baggage carousel. No need to ponder whether that next bag is yours or not. Plus, placing a fun colored ribbon can be something your kids might be interested in and can be made into a game.

Keep Wet Tissues Close

Wet wipes are a valuable convenience when you travel especially with kids. Wet tissues at hand make sure you don’t need to look for a washroom when any family member touches something undesirable or when your kids are messy eaters. Moms can fully enjoy the trip without constantly worrying about the family’s hygiene.

Record a Video

A video captures moments, conversations and laughter, so it’s a lot of fun to look back with family. A video also avoids you from being distracted from the thought of whether you took a good shot of the view or not. A big common mistake at family travel is keeping the kids in line to take a photogenic shot. When you worry about a camera shot, you won’t be able to appreciate fully in being where you are and who you are with.

Keep Documents Safe

All your family’s passports and documents for travel have to be stored in a neatly filed folder. Vacations can quickly become a nightmare when a travel papers go missing. Color coding your documents would also help you from distinguishing which is yours and which are your kids.

Bring a Power Bank

Portable batteries can be a saving grace when you are in the middle of using your phone and tablets. Think of them as your gadgets’ battery life extension plan in the midst of a socket free environment. Battery life of gadgets these days runs out fast when you use any apps continuously like GPS or surfing.

Download Everything

Embrace the age of technology. Technologies work like a magic nanny for your kids when you need it. When you anticipate a long waiting in the plane, trains and cars, you have to realize such travel can be hard for kids, so download like there is no tomorrow before you depart for your trip with family. Download cartoon shows, game apps for kids and television series for you teenagers if you anticipate long plane ride or car travel. Waiting time with kids can become less stressful when they are distracted by their favourite cartoons and fun games.