Travelling with kids


It can be a challenge to travel with children, especially if they are still quite young. Infants and toddlers are particularly delicate, and adults will find that they need to plan ahead when bringing them along. If you are preparing to move overseas, it is worth noting how you will manage with your kids in tow. Luckily, here are some tips to keep in mind when bringing kids along on your expat travels.

Plan ahead

Make sure you are well planned for the trip. Check if the travel tickets are ready and hotel room booked. If you are traveling by road you need to have all the necessary things handy that your child might need on the way. Your car should have a baby seat that is comfortable with a safety belt. Prepare your itinerary with your baby’s schedule in mind, like their sleeping hours, their play time, etc.

Clothes and more clothes

Pack extra set of clothes for your baby. Carry extra handbags or a backpack. You might want to add extra layers on your baby if travelling to cold weather. Remove or add layers on the go according to change in the temperature. Always keep extra clothes handy irrespective of the weather, so that you have some backup for emergencies.

Keep your kids entertained

Children can get bored easily, so it’s a must that you bring along some toys, games or books to keep them busy. Grab their attention by letting them bring a stuffed toy to comfort them, their favourite video games to play with, or by downloading their favourite movies on an iPad or Smartphone for them to watch during the trip.

Provide identification measures

Small children like to wander, so keep a close eye on them and provide them with instructions on what to do in case they get lost. Keep important documents about your child with you as you travel, such as a copy of the birth certificate, and a photo I.D. card with your child’s picture and your name on it. Help them memorize your phone numbers, and if they can’t, consider adding a safety temporary tattoo on them that has your number right in the design!