Types of coverage


Third party only

This helps the insured compensate third parties, including passengers, for death, medical care and/or property damage in the event of an accident. The insured will have to bear the costs of his/her own medical and repair needs.

Coverage may also include the following:

  • Indemnity to a driver authorised by the insured
  • Damage caused to the vehicle borrowed by the insured (vehicle cannot belong to him, his employer or his partner)
  • Legal costs and expenses for insured’s defence in court


Typically only offered to vehicles less than 10 years, a comprehensive motor insurance covers:

  • Medical expenses for injury of third parties, the insured, and the passengers from both sides
  • Monetary compensation for death or permanent disability of any party
  • Property damage of third party, the insured, or vehicle that the insured has borrowed

Policy extensions

  • Passenger liability

This covers for negligence acts by the passenger. This includes, for example, the opening of the door and hitting a passing vehicle or person in the process.

  • Windscreen damage

This is covered under motor insuranceand is one of the most common kinds of damage. That is why some policyholders opt for an extension to protect their No Claims Discount and excess waiver in the event of a windscreen damage claim.

  • Third-party indemnity to employer

This indemnifies employer from third-party vehicle damage when the vehicle in use for business purposes gets into an accident. This extension does not include liability for bodily injuries.

  • Miscellaneous

Depending on the insurer, there may be other types of extensions offered to include more perils, loss of personal effects and car accessories, discount protector, additional sum insured, and provision of a temporary replacement car during repair works.


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