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Ways to Advance Your Tourism Career

Ways to Advance Your Tourism


With international business rapidly increasing, the services towards the travel and tourism industry have expanded. If you’re someone who works in or is interested in the travel and hospitality sector, you may want to learn more about methods that can help boost your tourism career. Here are some ways that may help you out:

Learn another language

To start with, interpersonal skills are needed when assisting and communicating with international clients. While English is the language that is widely used in travel and tourism professions, it can also be a big advantage if you learn another language. Having foreign language skills can make you a valuable employee, as you’ll be able to improve your communication skills between the customer and the business you work for. Additionally, you can attend to the clients’ needs more efficiently.

Be computer savvy

With more and more people relying on technology, a number of tourism jobs require computer skills. You may be expected to do some basic tasks on a computer such as composing and sending out e-mails and memos or perhaps some advanced computer skills such as graphic and web designing. Additionally, you may need to learn how to use computer programs to help clients in foreign currency exchange, book hotel rooms and airline tickets. Being familiar with both basic and advanced computer skills can certainly give you an advantage in the workplace.


Know how to network

At its most basic form, tourism is generally about dealing with people. Thus, it’s important that you know how to make the most of it by networking. Having a professional network can give you opportunities to foster relationships with people who can help your career advance. Additionally, the people you meet through networking in the tourism industry may open career paths for you, where you can fully utilize your skills for a global clientele.

Just like any career, it is important to project a professional and friendly attitude when dealing with customers, and in facing challenges along the way—patience can go long way. Apply the methods above and watch your tourism career advance in greater heights.

Photo: Jean-François Gornet

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