Last updated 1 August 2016

Wellbeing Packages In Expat Health Insurance

Well being

Regular screening  

Preventive medical screening ensures early detection of problems that demand straightforward treatment. The guiding principle of a wide range of health assessments on offer by health insurance companies being health problems that are caught on early is easier to manage and treat. Annual medical health assessments on offer commonly include a general all-over body-check up, testing for diabetes, heart disease, pap smears and mammograms for women or prostate cancer for men. A personalized health report together with an action plan to help you minimize risks with tips on your weight, diet, drinking or smoking is included.     

Child care  

Many insurance companies have widened the ambit of the wellness plans to include wellbeing for children. Developmental checkups for children to help identify early signs of difficulties and vaccinations for common childhood diseases which can prove to be fatal or debilitating are included.  For infants a certain number of visits to the doctor say 6 in the first 12 months are also covered.  

Wellness classes and Patient education material  

A special assessment form filled out by participants in health insurance plans that include wellness packages enable them to receive patient-specific plans and recommendations to make the right kind of changes to correct any health problems. For example attending periodic check-ups to monitor lifestyle changes, measurement of cholesterol, blood pressure and sugar levels together with tracking fluctuations in weight are some follow-up measures that are usually taken.  Patient education materials and wellness check-ups provide participants with vital information about their health and the risks associated with it if any. 

Diet Therapy  

A healthy diet contributes positively towards your overall well-being. Monitoring and controlling weight by consuming a variety of foods and fresh fruits and vegetables, cutting down on alcohol and smoking are simple ways to keep heart disease, strokes, and type one and two diabetes at bay. Most wellness packages put participants in touch with a diet therapist who doles out advice on such matters; all of which will help you enhance physical and mental performance levels. 

Alternative therapies 

Considering the growing popularity of alternative therapies like traditional Chinese medicine, homeopathy, acupuncture, chiropractic and osteopathy, health insurance companies have included them in their wellbeing packages. So if you swear by the benefits of acupuncture or homeopathy take heart from the fact that you will be covered for it. 


Access to dollops of advice on security, travel and lifestyle choices is another plus in a wellbeing package.  Just 30 minutes of moderate physical activity like walking, cycling or swimming around five times a week is enough to reduce your risk of heart disease and diabetes. This is just one of the many insights into longevity that a wellness package could give you.  

Still doubtful about the benefits of wellbeing packages in health insurance? 

If you’d like to take the time to decide whether you would like to opt for a wellbeing package, then you could always visit a wellness centre or take a free online health assessment with a health insurance company to understand what your risks are first.  Most providers do not restrict tailor-made lifestyle advice and support to members only which is an advantage. You could participate in special awareness programs for breast cancer or prostrate cancer at a discount or read up on free health updates before you decide to invest in a wellbeing package.

You can start now by comparing the major providers  BUPA healthcare, Clements Worldwide and more or request a free quote from an independent broker to help you compare the market and find a suitable insurance plan for a well-being package included.


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