Alexander Baron von Engelhardt

Expert in Immigration

Alexander Baron von Engelhardt

Alexander Baron von Engelhardt is an immigration expert in Germany. He was born in New York City and grew up in the United States until completing Junior High School in Windsor Locks, Connecticut. He derived from a multicultural family, never having only one culture to deal with—interspersed with a conglomeration of traditions and cultural habits. With all his elders coming from Lithuania, Russia, Silesia and Masuria, he has been inspired from their cultures and combined them with his most dominant cultural experiences, the U.S. and German. Alexander can understand firsthand what it means to be in a different culture, to miss one’s own familiar way of life.


The legal services he provides are immigration, commerce and tax returns. Alexander also provides assistance with residency permits, applying for German citizenship, finding loopholes especially and only for foreigners, opening businesses in Germany, including applying and consulting for subsidies and other corporate filing, as well as appeals.


Phone number : 49 30 513 000 26

Website : Go to Alexander Baron von Engelhardt's website

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