Anne-Carole Telliez

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Anne-Carole Telliez

Anne-Carole Telliez comes from France. She has been working and living mainly abroad since 2002, operating as consultant, sales and project manager. Anne-Carole worked in more than 100 locations in Europe and China. She has been living in England, Spain, China and finally Germany. Since January 2013, she works as a coach and trainer with diverse international and intercultural clients, from unemployed to senior executives and enterprisers. Anne-Carole is characterized by her enthusiasm and her broad range of coaching competencies and focuses. She supports expatriates by requests such as developing or reorienting their career, finding a job, starting up a business or developing intercultural communication competencies. As intercultural trainer, wingwave® coach and NLP Coach Anne-Carole helps developing the needed skills to live a positive professional and private experience abroad. When needed, she provides an efficient and quick relief of culture shock or emotional stress such as loneliness.

Phone number : +49 178 721 66 39

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