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Caroline Bienert
Saudi Arabia

Globally Acclaimed Nutritionist Caroline Bienert Endeavors to Bring in Healthier Bodies and Minds to 2017

An internationally acclaimed metabolism expert, Caroline has been dedicated to health and holistic wellbeing for over 15 years, to the benefit of her clients who come from a variety of backgrounds including royalty, entrepreneurs and CEOs, as well as celebrities and models.
Her qualification as a Nutritionist with focus on Detoxification and Orthomolecular Medicine (New York) as well as additional trainings in Chinese Food Therapy, Microbiologic Homoeopathy (Munich) and Ayurvedic Dietetics (Sri Lanka) lead to Caroline’s holistic strategy which includes prevention therapies.
Caroline provides her clients with custom health concepts matching each client’s personal needs, much like a designer would create Haute Couture dresses or tailor-make suits. Rather than focusing on a single dietary system, her programs are individually developed.
Caroline Bienert is passionate about sharing her knowledge. As a published author, speaker and lecturer, she makes her vast understanding easy to apply during her seminars and workshops, which she will be holding in UAE and KSA over the coming year.
The beginning of the year sees an influx of people seeking to become a healthier and happier version of themselves.  German born practitioner Caroline Bienert, qualified nutritional therapist and detox expert is now based in Dubai and Munich and excited on working with individuals across the Middle East and Saudia Arabia in achieving their healthy goals and ensuring they are maintained.

 “I am so excited to share my passion for nutrition and detox medicine.  Consumers in the UAE and KSA are increasingly looking for preventative methods to combat health issues and I’m delighted to be sharing my expertise” Caroline Bienert.


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