Deirdre Budd

Expert in Family and Children

Deirdre Budd

Deirdre Budd a qualified Registered General Nurse at Glasgow Royal Infirmary, as well as a Health Visitor.  She also has her own consultancy, “Dream Angus,” which aims to empower parents by offering support and information to help them meet the challenges they face in raising their child or kids. Deirdre has been working with children and families for over 30 years, both personally and within the National Health Service. To add to her experience, she had worked with Special Baby Care “graduate,” as well as the specialist feeding and caring issues that come with this group. She spent 15 years of her career as a Health Visitor Specialist, and recently working with children with special needs. Deirdre ran a sleep clinic in conjunction with her busy post, on completion of further training with Sleep Scotland.  Additionally, Deirdre is a member of the British Sleep Society and an associate member of the European Sleep Research Society. She apprises her knowledge, experience and training regularly.


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