Ekaterina Kozey

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Ekaterina Kozey

I am Ekaterina Kozey, a bilingual counselor, doula and childbirth educator based in Moscow, Russia. 

I provide counseling and psychotherapy for English speaking individuals, couples and families. I have successfully worked with matters such as trauma, loss, relationship issues, family conflict, cultural adaptation, abuse, anxiety, and beyond. I am trained in Somatic (Body-Oriented) Psychology, which means that I work closely with the processes in the body and among others use movement, Mindfulness and breathing techniques.

As a professional doula and childbirth educator I support women and their partners during pregnancy, childbirth and post-partum, in parenting difficulties and preparation for parenthood.

A native Russian, I resided in several countries including the U.S. and Canada. This experience included pregnancy and giving birth and adjusting to a life in a foreign country, employment, a mulicultural marriage, studying and going through personal therapy in English.


Phone number : +7 925 880 7185

Website : Go to Ekaterina Kozey's website

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