Minda Miloff

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Minda Miloff

Minda Miloff is a certified professional coach with over 20 years of experience in Montreal, Canada. She has designed, developed, implemented and evaluated dozens of educational programs for professionals in varied industries. Minda’s principal roles have been as an instructional designer, trainer, facilitator and project manager. She currently practices full-time as a life-work coach helping clients in various key areas which includes Career insight and improved on-the-job performance (launch a new career, change current job, find ways to improve on-the-job experience), time-management and organizational skills  (develop specific time management strategies, overcome procrastination, increase focus, concentration and motivation, become professionally and personally more effective), and health and wellness (reduce stress and adopt  healthier lifestyle habits). Moreover, Minda gives specialized workshops to companies and/or to graduate students on time management and on adopting healthy lifestyle practices to reduce cancer.


Phone number : (514) 791- 4506

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