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Petra Brzović

Petra Brzović is a therapist, yoga teacher and doula in Zagreb, Croatia. Until the birth of her first son, she taught the course called aroma cosmetics at the first Croatian school for Aromatherapy Aromara. After passing the exam with the Aromatherapy Registration Council, Petra received an internationally recognized certificate RA (registered aroma therapist). In cooperation with the Croatian Society of Hematology and Oncology, she participated in the training of medical personnel for the purpose of introducing clinical aromatherapy into Croatian hospitals. Petra founded the brand Aromateka within the scope of which she supervise the production of aromatherapy products and run training for staff working in wellness and rehabilitation centers that want to offer a holistic approach in their work.


Ten years ago Petra fell in love with yoga, and completed training for yoga teachers with Marco and Sandra Bianco in NAVA, i.e. GAIA Yoga School, which is a member of the Yoga Alliance. She is a lecturer and a co-founder of the prenatal yoga teacher training—certified with Yoga Alliance. Petra trains continuously with national and international teachers, and run classes and workshops with a special emphasis on women, women's health, partnership and emotions.


This is the result of the extensive experience stemming from Petra’s work as a therapist and yoga teacher, so her workshops and lessons are a blend of various healing techniques, which, in combination with her intuitive approach, offer a unique and liberating experience to every client. Group and individual yoga classes for pregnant women allow Petra to care for both babies and mothers, helping them feel comfortable in their bodies throughout their pregnancy and preparing them for childbirth as a wonderful experience, after which every woman, in a physical sense, can quickly return to "her old self."


Phone number : +385 91 33 23 235

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