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Question : As a pregnant woman abroad, how can I select the best OB-GYN in Dubai?

Answer from Gazala Khan, expert in Pregnancy

A lot of information is available in the internet nowadays, and it can confuse you when you are trying to select a Doctor for yourself.  You will need to consider the following aspects: You should be comfortable with your OBG doctor and be able to discuss with to her/him all your fears, apprehensions and doubts. This you will only know after consulting a doctor or by word of mouth from your friends and relatives. Also take note of the Insurance limit and conditions, and type of insurance that you have. Not all insurances give maternity cover unless specified. The proximity of the health facility from your home is also one factor to consider, as well as what are the facilities available at the hospital- eg- 24 hr. good quality OBG cover, neonatology facilities.

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