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Question : As a pregnant woman abroad, how can I select the best OB-GYN in Seoul?

Answer from Adele Vitale, expert in Family Life

Language is often the major problem expats encounter when seeking health care in a country other than their own, so first and foremost, you want your doctor to be able to communicate in English, or for  the  clinic  to  provide  translation  services.  Luckily,  there  are  several English-speaking  ob-gynos  in Seoul.  Then  comes  a  matter  of  personal  preference  and/or  convenience:  do  you  prefer  a  male  or female doctor? Somebody nearby or not necessarily so? Most importantly, you want a doctor who makes  you  feel  comfortable  and matches  your  style  as  relates  to  medical  interventions  during childbirth, and the only way to find out is by meeting a few doctors and asking the right questions. There   are   also   online   groups   where   mothers   and   mothers-to-be   exchange   information   and recommendations  about  ob-gynos  and  birthing  facilities,  but  we  recommend  you  make  your  final decision based on your personal feelings and instinct. 

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