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Question : As an expat in the Netherlands, do I still need to file taxes in my home country?

Answer from Jan-Hein van Leeuwen, expert in Tax Law

This will depend on many factors, for example whether you have become a tax resident of the Netherlands but also on the taxation laws in the country of origin. Some countries base tax liability upon Nationality, such as the United States of America. This will mean that a person with US Nationality will in principle have to file a US tax return, even when this person has become a tax resident of another country and no income is earned in the US. If you have the US Nationality and live in the Netherlands, we can refer you to a US tax specialist for you to comply with US tax obligations. Most other countries only tax their own tax residents, based upon the fact that their main point of living socially and economically is located in that specific country or when specific income is earned/ specific equity is held in that specific country.

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