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Question : How can I keep our cultural heritage intact with my child while we are living in Berlin?

Answer from Carly Abramovitz, expert in Parenting

Culture can be communicated to one’s children through ritual. It can be done in the home. Try and make an effort to observe your culture’s rituals in the home and your children will feel part of things naturally. Alternatively you can introduce your culture at school by bringing certain foods or including your child’s classmates in other ways. For example, if you are from the States and want to celebrate Thanksgiving, you can make pumpkin pie and bring that to class for everyone to enjoy. Berlin is a multi-cultural city, and all cultures are welcome here. It is a very tolerant city, and people are free to express themselves as they wish. There are many online organisations and groups that represent a multitude of cultures and nationalities. You can find members of your cultural group online to meet up with and create shared events.

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