Question in Advertising/Marketing

Question : How can I make my online advertising campaign more efficient?

Answer from Tal Regev, expert in Advertising/Marketing

The best way to capture your audience attention and heart where they will 'know', 'like' and 'trust' you is to be the person behind your company/brand/business. People don't buy from companies; they buy from people they care about.
This is why, the best way to communicate with people is to introduce yourself, as a human being, to tell your story. To share your passion, experience and why you are the person for them to follow in order to solve their pains.
If you are truly looking to help other people, to give them tools and knowledge that could really help them - you will need to get to their hearts and they will want to be a member of your 'Tribe'.
So in the On-line campaigns that you run, it can be a good idea to tell (even in few sentence) what your story is, touch the people pain through the experiences that you have, and how did you solved this pain? The people will want to hear more about your journey and will ask you more and more questions about it.
Just then, your campaigns will truly 'speak' to your specific audience, and this audience can become your customers.

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