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Question : How can I prepare for childbirth abroad?

Answer from Adele Vitale, expert in Family Life

The first crucial step is choosing a doctor and facility that match your style: do you prefer a natural birth  or  are  you  comfortable  with  interventions  such  as  IVs  and  epidurals?  Would  you  like  a  water birth?  Are  you  planning  a  Cesarean  section?  In  all  of  the  above,  we  cannot  understate  the importance  of  childbirth  classes,  aimed  at  preparing  both  parents  for  the wonderful,  yet  at  times challenging experience of labour and birth. You especially want to know about the specifics of giving birth  in  Korea –  the  most  common  procedures/interventions,  routine  examinations,  and  so on. We have devised a class series just for this purpose, and  we can see a difference in the confidence and comfort  parents  experience  as  they  approach  their  birth.  You  might  also  want to  hire  a  doula,  a professional attendant who provides information as well as physical and emotional support for both you  and  your  partner  before,  during,  and  after  birth.  Her  help  can  often  be invaluable,  as  she  has specific knowledge and skills, and supports expat couples during birth on a regular basis. 

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