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Question : How can I prepare my child for an expat life in Berlin?

Answer from Carly Abramovitz, expert in Parenting

It depends on where you come from. If you are coming from another big city, then you probably don’t have to do much preparation other than talking to them about the move and exploring their feelings around that (which I will discuss later). If you are coming from somewhere that is drastically different from Berlin in its layout and infrastructure, as well as climate, vegetation, etc. then it would be nice to talk about how it’s different with you children before you move. You can buy picture books that show some of the things they can expect from Berlin. Together you can read these or go online and explore Google together, all the while talking to your children and finding out what they think of x and y.

On an emotional level, you cannot prepare for how they are going to respond to the new environment. Even adults cannot prepare entirely for transitions and sometimes we experience things that we didn’t expect. The best thing you can do with your children is to keep an open dialogue about their experiences. Ask them about some of their worries about moving to a new place. Explore whether they are concerned about any differences they may experience. When they tell you what they feel, it is not even necessary to try and convince them otherwise or to assure them that they will be fine, just show them that you understand how they feel and can appreciate that that is their experience. Things may change, and they may feel different later on so keep checking in with them and asking them how they are doing. If they are very little and do not know how to use feeling words, then try and guess what they might be worrying about.

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