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Question : How can I start a vegan diet with the food options available in Sydney?

Answer from Mia Uren, expert in Healthy Food

It is quite easy to start a vegan diet in Sydney, I have recently started eating a mainly vegan diet and have had no problems at all sourcing healthy vegan food.

Some of my top tips include:
- Making sure you purchase lots of fruit and vegetables at the beginning of the week that will last you throughout the week. Or if you don’t have time to go shopping you can order them online to be delivered to your home through a site like Harris Farm.

- If you have unused fruit or vegetables, you can cut them up and freeze them to use as back up when you have no food left. It works well with vegetables like carrots and broccoli not so much with leafy greens.

- Experiment with new recipes that incorporate different ingredients, so you don’t get bored. If you want to get some ideas or recipes, my blog has some vegan recipes. Check them out!

- Go to a bulk food store like ‘The Source Bulk Foods.'

- Set one afternoon aside per week to prepare your food for the week. You can make a big batch of quinoa or brown rice keep in the fridge and add to your meals throughout the week. Cut up your veggies so you can easily make a salad out of them. Or make enough food at dinner time to have for lunch the next day. Prepare some snacks to take to work or on a day out with you in case you get hungry. Some good options are nuts, fruits, nut balls and veggie sticks with a dip like hummus.

- There are many great cafes and restaurants in Sydney with vegan options; some great ones include About life, Egg of the Universe, Earth to Table, Sadhana Kitchen and Harvest Restaurant.

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