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Question : How do I prevent my child from being bullied in school for being a foreigner in the city/country?

Answer from Dr. Albert Bonfil, expert in Family Life

Bullying is a problem everywhere, and being from another country can make a child stand out as an easy target of bullying. Although it is impossible to completely eliminate the possibility, there are some things you can do as a parent. 1. Help the child react effectively to bullying. Bullying can often be stopped teaching your child to react in a way that runs counter to expectations. For instance, changing the subject, thanking the bully for his/her feedback, comically exaggerating the trait being singled out, etc. 2. Help your child acculturate. While holding onto native cultural values can be important, this need not be done at the expense of helping your child learn and take on some values of the new culture. By educating yourself about the new culture, you will be better able to teach your child about what she can expect, and culturally-normative ways of behaving. 3. Have a zero-tolerance policy for bullying. If you learn your child is being bullied, immediately contact school administrators and/or the bully's parents. Many parents fear that intervening opens their children up to more bullying, but research shows when other adults get involved, bullying significantly declines.

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