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Question : I am a foreigner studying in Los Angeles, am I allowed to have a part-time job? What are the requirements I need to have to work part time as a foreign student here?

Answer from Mark Darren Gregor, expert in Getting a Job

As having been an Expat myself, I appreciate the unique considerations in working in a foreign country. The answer to this question is not as one-dimensional as one may think. Your requirements will be largely dependent on the type of work you’re doing. Working for a formal company will require a different level of credentials than if you’re working for a restaurant. And these days, many people are working as freelancers from home, and may be working on a project within the host country or on projects in their home country. So the type of work you’re looking to do is the first factor in answering this question. It is for this reason it’s important that you think outside the box and be creative in not just what kinds of jobs would be easy for you to secure, but also what types of jobs will have the least amount of requirements for you. You may be surprised that you have skills that could earn you a paycheck more easily than going after those “traditional” jobs. Partner up with a career coach to discover what those skills and opportunities may be for you.  

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