Question : Info about Freelancing in Luxembourg

Answer from Ipek Akalin, expert in Relocation

Dear Ashok,
Thank you for your query.
There is no freelance certification in Luxembourg.
Any person willing to enter any consultancy job is in need of a business license; the business license is issued on your name. Whether you then give services on your name or create a company is your judgement.
However, if you want to carry out any such consultancy services, you are in need of a business license and hence would be considered as an independent worker.
While applying for the independent residence permit, you will also need to apply in parallel for your business license through the Ministère des Classes Moyennes by providing them a buisness plan.
In the link provided above, under Forms, you have a form called “Autorisation de séjour pour indépendant –demande” this is the form to be filled out for the business license.
I would recommend you to visit the Ministry in the morning hours and proceed to their information counter on the first floor to get further information on the duration that such a demand can take.
Please let me know in case you have further questions.
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