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Question : Is it advisable to get an Au Pair in Singapore? How can I get a good Au Pair in Berlin?

Answer from Carly Abramovitz, expert in Parenting

Au Pairs can be especially useful for after-school activities and running errands. They help to save time because they can complete time-consuming tasks so that parents can spend quality time with their children after work. Sometimes it will be appropriate for the Au Pair to help with homework but then candidates must be screened so that it is determined that they are capable in this arena. Children like to have their parents’ approval of their academic work, so it is advised always to check your child’s homework and give positive feedback for completed homework assignments. Any time that can be spent with your children is important so choose carefully which activities to give the Au Pair and which you choose to do with your children to use as a way of bonding with them while you’re not at work.

Choosing a good Au Pair is very important. You need to interview candidates to get a feel for their reliability and personal touch. To a degree, you have a make choice based on a gut feeling because this is a person who will spend a great deal of time with your children, so you want to feel comfortable with this person and feel they are a good influence on your children. Choosing someone with similar values to yourself is important. Prepare questions for the interview that will test their ability to make decisions under pressure as this will help you to see how they think and reason. You need to find someone who is both experienced and skilled, as well as a person who is easy to be around and will be fun and friendly with your children.

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