Question in Healthy Food

Question : Is it economical to maintain a healthy lifestyle in Sydney?

Answer from Mia Uren, expert in Healthy Food

Despite what people may think it is very easy to maintain a healthy lifestyle on a budget in Sydney. You don’t need all those expensive superfoods to be healthy, in fact, fruit and vegetables are just as, if not more beneficial to your health than super foods.
Sydney has many local markets that you can buy fruit and vegies from for quite cheap. You can find a market closest to you on the Green Villages website. Otherwise, you can go to local fruit and vegetable stores like Harris Farm. If you buy your food seasonally, chances are, it will be quite inexpensive, you can even order online and get your food delivered to you. If you include fresh fruit and vegetables, especially greens in each meal, it will be very easy for you to maintain a healthy diet. You can also purchase grains like brown rice and quinoa in bulk from the supermarket or at bulk food stores that will last you for quite a few meals.
Sydney is full of great walking tracks, parks and bays that you can use to run, walk or cycle around as well! So you don’t need to spend money on gym memberships or classes to stay fit and healthy.

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