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Question : Is there a working holiday visa in Belgium? How can I apply for it?

Answer from Christophe Boeraeve, expert in Tax law

The visa type C is a short stay visa (maximum 90 days) for tourism purposes among others (business trips, a visit to family or friends).
Most third country nationals outside the European Economic Area (EEA) are under a commitment to hold a visa for an intended stay of a maximum duration of 3 months on the territory of the SCHENGEN States.
Generally, you lodge your visa application with the Belgian consulate with territorial competence for the country in which you reside. You present yourself in person, as early as three months before the start of your trip.

If your documents are in order in a country where you don't normally reside, you may, contact the Belgian consulate qualified for that field. In that case, your application will be passed on to the Aliens Office, which will take the final decision.

It's vital that your file contain the following:
A) a completed and signed application form, complying with the harmonized SCHENGEN visa application form. The application is free of charge from government offices. If you do not have a command of any of the national languages, ideally in English, you complete it in French, Dutch, German. You affix a recent photograph of yourself that meets the standards.

Children must present an application form signed by a legal guardian;
B) a travel document that is valid for at least three months from the date on you intend to leave the SCHENGEN territory. This document must also contain at least two blank pages and have been issued less than ten years ago;
C) the papers indicating the purpose of your trip;
D) the papers relating to accommodation (e.g. an invitation from the person hosting you or an aiding document from the establishment offering accommodation or any other substantiating document indicating the type of accommodation);
e) the documents certifying that you have adequate personal means of income (from the duration of your stay in the SCHENGEN area and for the transit to a third country);
f) data that makes it possible to evaluate your intention to leave the territory of the SCHENGEN nations before the expiry of the visa (e.g. any proof that you have roots in your country of origin);
G) valid travel health insurance that can cover any repatriation costs for medical reasons, emergency hospital care, emergency medical care and death during your stay in the SCHENGEN area. The said coverage should be valid for the whole of this territory and the whole of the stay. About 30,000 EUR is the minimum cover. In principle, it is taken out in your country;
H) If you're applying for a multiple entry visa, you must establish the necessity to travel frequently because of your job or family situation. Moreover, prove your integrity and reliability by the authorized use of visas issued previously by your economic situation, as well as by your desire to leave the territory of the SCHENGEN nations before the visa applied expires;
I) When you obtain confirmation of the issue of the visa, attach the proof of the transport that you'll use to reach Belgium. The said evidence is not needed when you lodge the visa application, to avoid unnecessary costs.

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