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Question : What are the basic requirements for school transfers for my child in Hong Kong?

Answer from Anne Murphy, expert in Schools

While a strong emphasis is placed on academic achievement, students that demonstrate the core values of respect, responsibility and independent thinking are very important. When looking at student applications, the admissions departments take all these aspects into consideration to ensure the child is a strong match for the school, and the school can cater to a child’s individual needs.
The strong likelihood is that schools will have more applications than places, so the decision for admissions is based on the following:
School Reports: Most schools request a copy of card reports from your child’s current/recent school for proof of academic potential, the attitude at school and overall performance. You may have to submit the previous two + years reports for upper primary and secondary.

Interviews: As part of the primary selection process, a child will also be interviewed at least once in a group of 6-8 children for entry to Reception, Primary One and Primary Two. Some schools invite successful applicants for a second interview with their parents. A child can expect a range of questions; some may be academic in nature, others may focus on the child’s interests and family. Children will be tested on their interaction skills, English communication skills and their ability to complete puzzles independently.
Assessments: Applicants from Primary 3 are invited for a written test in English (Mandarin at bilingual schools) and Mathematics. Some schools also test an applicant’s verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning skills. Most school entrance tests are paper-based, but it is now customary for schools to expect applicants for students to take the Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE) and the Secondary School Admission Test (SSAT). As well as this, many schools also conduct oral interviews for Year 7 and above.

Teacher Observation Forms: It is common for international schools to ask a child’s current teacher to complete an Observation Form. The questions focus on a child’s linguistic and mathematics capabilities, behaviour and character.

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