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Question : What are the basic requirements to apply for a work visa in South Africa?

Answer from Marussia van der Merwe, expert in Relocation

a. There are some work visas to consider to work in South Africa.
b. Intra-company transfer visa is applicable to employees who hold a contract of employment with a foreign company for 6 months or longer and are being assigned to South Africa for a period not exceeding 4 years to transfer their skills and conclude a project. This work visa is not renewable.
c. General work visa is applicable when there is a vacancy at a South African based company and the employer can prove to the Departments of Labour and Home Affairs that no South African citizens or Permanent residence holders could be found to fill the position. The foreign national who fulfils all requirements can apply for up to 5 years and extend further if conditions are met.
d. Foreign nationals whose skills and qualifications meet the requirements for scarce skills in South Africa as published in the Government Gazette by the Department of Home Affairs in 2014 can apply for critical skills work visa. The critical skills category list outlines some professions and related requirements and qualifications. Professionals who qualify within this category can apply for up to 5 years of work visa and this can be extended provided the skill is still considered scarce in South Africa.
e. Visitors visa section 11(6) is reserved for the spouse of a South African citizen or permanent resident. It is a lot easier to obtain than the above work visas. Can be issued for up to 3 years and is extendable as long as the relationship still exists and the employment continues.
f. Own business visa is reserved for business people who invest an amount from R5 mil in South Africa, open a business and employ SA citizens or PR holders. This can be issued for up to 3-5 years and is extendable.

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