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Question : What are the company benefits in career coaching?

Answer from Eva Kempinger, expert in Human Resources

Coaching is the perfect tool for getting the best out of them!
- The insight into talents, competencies, as well as needs and priorities can help your employees achieve and set objectives and goals more easily and on time.
- Create awareness of how they can influence their performance individually and in a team. When employees know who they are, what they want and what they have to offer—they will be proud to work for you, and their added value to your company will be evident.
- Knowing what is important in their life and career makes your employees more self-supportive.
- Learn how to achieve a better work/life balance.
- Present to them that you are an employer who cares about the employees, one that believes happy employees are a lot more productive, more fun to work with, better team players, more sharing and caring, and less often ill.
- Securing and engaging your employees.
- Career Development Plan

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