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Question : What are the main factors to consider when hiring an advertising agency?

Answer from Tal Regev, expert in Advertising/Marketing

Today, advertising agencies cannot concentrate on one platform. They can't ignore offline advertisement (newspaper ad, cold-call, flyers) as they for sure can't ignore online advertisement (Email marketing, FB, Twitter, YouTube, Google + and more).
There are businesses that are 'local' in nature (Hairdressers, nails salons, Cupcakes bakery). Their customers live in their neighbourhood. So for them, to advertise in the local newspaper - is a great idea. But these businesses can't ignore the fact that their clients are 'hanging out' on social media most of the day, so they need to also 'exist' on at least one social media platform, to communicate with their clients.
A good agency today, will ask you first, what is nature or your business?. They will search for you, your 'ideal customers' (age, gender, lifestyle, location) and figure out for you the best place to reach this audience, where your customers are hanging out and communicating with one another.
Then, a good agency will ask you what your budget and timeframe for the campaign is, and will come up with an offer that includes an online and offline (if needed) marketing strategy.
A good agency should give you a 360' solution to your marketing needs.

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