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Question : What are the most popular and effective exercise I can follow in Shanghai?

Answer from Victor Rowse, expert in Diet & Fitness

Exercise options in Shanghai have come along leaps and bounds in the past decade with a growing number of gyms and fitness centers as well as the emergence of numerous team sports clubs. Traditional expat sports like football, rugby, cricket, and softball all have mini leagues and a great set-up. But some of the more fringe sports like Ultimate Frisbee, Lacrosse and Gaelic Football can be even better at welcoming newcomers with absolutely no background who just want to get out, enjoy themselves, and get some exercise at the same time. Those of you who like a good scrap can get a healthy dose of boxing at Golden Gloves or the Aboro Academy. Crossfitters can choose from one of the six registered Crossfit gyms in Shanghai. Or if you just want to get out for a run but need the motivation of being in a group, look no further than Shanghai Running.

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