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Question : What do I need to know before I repatriate to London?

Answer from Helen Watts, expert in Re-entry

Repatriation, or going “home” is the start of a new adventure. It's best to treat it as a new posting, much as you did when you expatriated in the first place. We go overseas assuming things will be different, knowing we need to learn about a new culture/language, and expecting it to be tough for a while. Often when people repatriate, they think it will be easy because it’s a place they know and have spent much of their life. Not so. We change when we live in a different culture, and some of the ways we have changed may only become obvious when we go home.
Expectations can play a large part in how well we settle when we repatriate. Here are a few points you can expect when you return (some of these will resonate more or less corresponding to the country you are arriving from):
- Life is expensive.
- People are busy, life moves very fast.
- Most people are not particularly interested in your experiences overseas. Some friends will have moved on and not understand the way you have changed. Other people who were on the border of your life may understand completely and become more central.
- Everyday life is comfortable (water, electricity, gas, heating are pretty many givens).
- Bureaucracy can be just as bad here as overseas.
- But there’s nowhere like home!

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