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Question : What is holding me back from a fulfilled career and life?

Answer from Eva Kempinger, expert in Human Resources

What is holding me back from fulfillment in my career and life as an expat? Find out what it is that is unconsciously restricting you. Learn how to transform your limiting beliefs into a positive, supportive mindset.
The “Empowerment Package” includes the following services:
- 30-minutes Orientation Skype session;
- What is the story of your life? What did you discover from important events in your life? Are there specific repetitions in your life?
- Identify and examine your limiting Core beliefs by answering given questions, doing set exercises, performing analyzes and eventually taking written tests.
- Determine how to transform your Core beliefs, supported by the principles and exercises of Empowerment;
- Six online coaching sessions (each 60 minutes)
- A sparring companion throughout the whole emotional process
- Inspiration, motivation and joy—on tap!

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