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Question : What is the best way to marketing strategy for the local online market in Ontario?

Answer from Tal Regev, expert in Advertising/Marketing

The best marketing strategy for any business, online or offline is to build a strong and devoted email list of people that are interested in the business products/services.
Every business should collect a 'Tribe', community of people, which will turn into customers, and make sure they have a long-term relationship with them. By relationship I mean, providing value and knowledge to these people and not just ask them to buy something.

The market, online and offline, is saturated. Full of product, lot's of companies, lot's of offers. Have you ever counted the amount of the promotional emails you get every day? How many of them annoys you and how many you actually open and read what they have to offer you?
I know from my experience. Most of the time, I delete them without even reading the subject lines. But I do open the emails of the companies I signed up for their email list and kept giving me huge value every time they send me something. I look forward to their emails; it can be a lesson they have learned, it could be something they succeeded or failed in and want to share their experience with me. It can also be an actual offer to buy their product or to use their services, but not all the time.

I know that when they offer me something to buy, I can rest assured that it's something that could help me progress or to solve a problem I have.
In other words, they earned my trust, because they don’t just 'flag' in their products/services, but also provide me with great knowledge and values, free of charge, along the way. I can count on their integrity, genuine attitudes and when I need it - I will go back to their offer and buy from them. Not from their competitors. I'm in their 'Tribe', and I believe them.

There is a known 'marketing law': People will buy from you if they- 1. Know 2. Like 3. Trust - You
And in order to gain these three things, you need to create a good, long-term relationship, based on giving value and then give some more.

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