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Question : What kind of skills and requirements do companies in Belgium look for in applicants?

Answer from Tanika Kenens, expert in International Career

What any company looks for in all applicants. A team player that can also work individually without needing too much assistance. Preferably someone flexible, prepared to work long hours if needed. Maybe somewhat more particular for Belgium would be the fact that most jobs imply speaking Dutch and/or French and/or English. If we can choose, all three languages.

If you don't speak these languages, the best you can do, is get started on learning them AND telling them that you are learning. Sometimes companies hire you with the promise that you will speak the language of a certain amount of time (often a year or two).

Another thing we are very fierce about is loyalty. We need someone to rely on, someone who will not run into the competition at every small opportunity. Why? Well, times are still difficult, and when companies hire someone new, they also need to train them. It calls for an investment in that person. If that person leaves within a year or five (depending on how long the training was), it might be possible that they invested more in that person than they got out of it in the end. Of course if that person leaves, they would need to go through the entire hiring process again, which is also costly and time consuming. So they will always see, depending on the position you're applying for, whether it's worth the investment or not.

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