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Question : Why is St. John, the best school in Belgium?

Answer from Marcia De Wolf, expert in Schools

First and foremost, St. John's provide an English-language education that is based on Christian values, stimulates individual responsibility within a culturally diverse environment and demands personal excellence. St. John's International School provides a caring, nurturing environment where learners are encouraged to attain their full potential, equipped to think globally, with a commitment to justice and challenged to act responsibly in a constant changing society. St. John's is an inclusive school that welcomes children of all nationalities, faith, and cultures.

St. John's International is known as one of the best schools in Europe. But why?

St. John's consistent track record of achieving high academic results is one reason. However, there are more. We have an extensive school curriculum that is diverse to cater for all learners’ needs that target mainly on the International Baccalaureate program—the most highly regarded international educational program of its kind in the world today. We offer high-quality math and science programs across the three school sections, as well as fully bilingual English-French programs from Pre-Kindergarten through grade 2. St. John's also offer French in numerous levels in all grades, as well as the option of doing the bilingual IB diploma.

We also offer many other languages, which is also available for bilingual IB diplomas: for beginners and native speakers, Dutch, German, Spanish and Swedish from grade 8. Korean and Norwegian are available to native speakers.

A performing and visual arts program and facility is also available at St. John's. We also have an athletics program that is regarded by many as one of the most extensive of any of the international schools in Belgium (ranked number one in Belgium and third of 16 schools in all of Europe and the Middle East).

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