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Question : Would it be better to put my child in home school in Hong Kong or are there better International school options?

Answer from Anne Murphy, expert in Schools

Homeschooling is not feasible for everyone and not the most common choice of schooling amongst expatriate families who are thinking of relocating or already reside in Hong Kong. However, some parents choose this option and the reasons why vary, for example:
-The curriculum which the child previously studied is not available at schools;
-The public exams that a child may be studying for might not be offered at the schools, or a child cannot gain entry to a school that does offer these public exams;
- The child may not have adequate language skills to study at an English medium school and;
-The child cannot genuinely cope at a mainstream school due to emotional issues or academic issues.

Homeschooling is not illegal for expatriates Although the Hong Kong government considers a traditional school environment to be the best method to provide a high-quality education.

The Education Bureau requires notification that a parent is deciding to homeschool. There is no official application method for homeschooling in Hong Kong. Again, this is because the government believes it is best for children to be attending a traditional school; they do not wish to approve homeschooling by having an official application or registration process. Thus, this leaves homeschooling parents in a bit of a limbo, their form of education being neither officially accepted nor rejected.
Hong Kong offers some wonderful international schooling options, but it's quite common for students and, particularly, children in upper secondary to attend private tutorials or engage in online classes rather than attending a mainstream school.

If Homeschooling is a consideration, make sure your child is also engaged in other activities aside from Academics for stimulation and motivation purposes such as Sports/Music/Drama. It is important for a child’s emotional growth to be actively involved with other kids even if he/she studies alone on a daily basis.

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