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Financial, health, and emergency protection should be your number one priority when you move abroad. Thankfully, Finland has a very efficient public and private insurance industry. It will not be very hard to find the right type of insurance for your needs while you’re living in this country if its not yet offered by your employer. Finland has a wide selection of high quality local and international insurance policies. Let us guide you through Finland’s insurance industry and how you can use it to your advantage.

Getting Insurance

As an expat employee, you and your employer are required to pay a monthly contribution for your employment and health insurance paid through salary deductions. If you are moving with your family, it’s a good idea to talk to your employer about insurance for dependents and work out an arrangement that tie in to your expat contract. You should negotiate this before you move into the country.

All insurance companies and policies in Finland are regulates by the Financial Supervisory Authority of Finland. Any company you sign up with should abide by their rules and should be registered in their agency. There is also a Financial Ombudsman Bureau that can handle any insurance frauds or complaints in the country. Public insurance is very efficient and very accessible in the country.

There are several local insurance companies in Finland that offer various insurance plans, though coverage might be very limited for expats. International insurance companies are also available in the country and are recommended for expats as they can offer a wider range of coverage as well as specialised services for the expat lifestyle. International insurance companies such as Zurich Insurance Group, Swisscare, and AXA offer insurance policies for expats in Finland.


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Importance of Insurance 

The need to protect our loved ones and our assets is elevated when we move abroad. Even in a country where insurance and protection services are readily available and efficient, like Finland, there are some factors to consider regarding insurance. First of all, services in a very well developed country like Finland can be very expensive and the public insurance coverage such as employment, health, and social security cannot cover all of your needs. Local public insurance also means that when you move out of the country, you will need to seek other insurance plans. You can avoid the hassle, save money, and get peace of mind while you’re living abroad and enjoy several benefits and services specifically for expats through the proper international insurance policies.

Local Insurance in Finland

As we’ve mentioned earlier, local public insurance in the country is very efficient, which is why local private insurance companies are quite rare. The Kela government social security and insurance company is what most local residents use for almost all insurance needs. There are also some mandatory insurance requirements such as motor vehicle insurance and student insurance.

While local public insurance is accessible and efficient in the country, expats will still look at comprehensive add ons that some international insurance policies can offer. The international coverage means that they can use it no matter where they move or where they choose to be treated, something that is seen as a major requirement by some when seeking treatment back home and outside of Finland.


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