Business Health Insurance in Finland

KELA, the Social Insurance Institution of Finland, provides universal healthcare services to all its residents. For foreign nationals who work or live permanently in Finland, they are also covered by KELA. Prospective health insurance applicants may go to a KELA office or apply online on their website. Upon approval, KELA will send the beneficiary a new health card by post. Due to the excellent public health care system in Finland, the percentage of people applying for a private health insurance is quite small, although it is also an option.

Cigna offers a wide selection of services and products for different business sizes and even includes employer-sponsored coverage.


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The International Medical Group (IMG) is one of the leading international health insurance providers in the world. Expatriates from Finland and from other countries are sure to choose from a comprehensive range of international medical insurance products and services offered by IMG. They also provide 24/7 emergency services to their clients wherever they may be abroad.

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